Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday April 30th 1939

Went to Buncle's. Joan's last day staying with us. No "CH".

Saturday April 29th 1939

Went to Cowplain in evening. Cup Final "PS" won. "Children's Hour" Music & "Hilltops of Britain" No. 4.

Friday April 28th 1939

Went to Portsmouth. Did shopping. "Children's Hour" "The Phoenix and the Carpet", music & story "When I Was Young".

Thursday April 27th 1939

Pam came to play with me. "Children's Hour" "Cromwell the elephant" and new serial "The Snowstorm".

Wednesday April 26th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" "Mr Tod" story. Reels and dances on Scot; also talk on silkworms.

Tuesday April 25th 1939

Stayed home in afternoon. "Children's Hour" "Mr Tod" story. Singing, Jock & Sandy story.

Monday April 24th 1939

Went to school. Nest found Sat(urday) in Mak. tree. "Children's Hour" Com. results, Toytown, talk on Ponies.

Sunday April 23rd 1939

Went to Buncle's. Joan came back with us again. Stayed last week as well.

Saturday April 22nd 1939

Went to see pictures to see "Climbing High". Then went to Kimbells. "CH" Story and programme about Warwickshire.

Friday April 21st 1939

First Bluebells out. Found sparrows nest. "Children's Hour" Serial Out with Romany & "When I was Young"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday April 20th 1939

Did not look at eclipse. Saw Pam on Tues. "Children's Hour" Series 2 Cromwell the Elephant, Irish dances & stories.

Wednesday April19th 1939

Third edition of the "Plumduff Press". "Children's Hour" Young Artists & Nobby Clark and the Parrot 9.

Tuesday April 18th 1939

First day at school this term. "Children's Hour"Singing, story "A First Class Adventure".

Monday April 17th 1939

Went to Portsmouth. Weighed - I am 6 stone 9lbs. "Children's Hour" Story, a talk & The Zoo Man.