Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday May 14th 1939

Birds flown but left on egg. Uncle Jim & Auntie Eva came up.

First rose out last Tuesday. Found my badge Thurs. eve.

Saturday May 13th 1939

Did not go to shop. Made cakes. Joan gone to JCW "Children's Hour" Ronald Gourley & "Hilltops of Britain".

Friday May 12th 1939

Changed name of house & got the number. "Children's Hour" "The Phoenix and the Carpet" singing & When I Was Young.

Thursday May 11th 1939

Lost my badge again. "Children's Hour" At Bellview Zoo and serial "Snowstone".

Wednesday May 10th 1939

Found my Leaders bar. "Children's Hour" "Claws of Africa" serial I and Havelock the Dane.

Tuesday May 9th 1939

Did nothing in particular. "Children's Hour" "The Little Tailor" & BBC Midlands Singers.

Monday May 8th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" The Great Adventure, Talking of Music and talk on butterflies.

Sunday May 7th 1939

Went to Buncle's. Collected cowslips. No "CH".

Saturday May 6th 1939

Stayed in bed all the afternoon. "Children's Hour" nursery rhymes and play.

Friday May 5th 1939

Went over to see Mrs Povey. "Children's Hour" "The Phoenix and the Carpet" singing and records.

Thursday May 4th 1939

Mrs Short came over to see garden. "Children's Hour" Programme about Cornwall & serial of "Snowstone".

Wednesday May 3rd 1939

Whiskey would be two years today. "Children's Hour" Musical games and play about history.

Tuesday May 2nd 1939

Went to school. Nothing in particular happened. "Children's Hour" Espanola talk & "Whom shall we interview?"

Monday May 1st 1939

Joan not here now. "Children's Hour" Programme about May. The Zoo Man.