Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wednesday May 31st 1939

Played in garden. Children's Hour "Claws of Africa" & "Sensation in Swanhaven" No. 2.

Tuesday May 30th 1939

Aunt Alice came to see us. Children's Hour "Alice in Wonderland" story E1. Results of comp. & The Farmer.

Monday May 29th 1939

Had rest day. Children's Hour - The Merry Makers concert party & The Zoo Man.

Sunday May 28th 1939

Stayed home, wrote letter to Joan and editor of "Girls' Crystal".

Saturday May 27th 1939

Went to see Grandad. Children's Hour "Cryes of Old London" and "Hilltops of Britain" No. 6 South Down.

Friday May 26th 1939

Had first "Girls' Crstyl" today. Children's Hour "The Pheonix and the Carpet" music and story from Ireland.

Thursday May 25th 1939

Broke up today. Children's Hour - Variety and "Out with Oswald" and new serial Treasure hunt in Skye.