Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday April 16th 1939

Went to Buncle's. Moved last Monday. No Children's Hour. Heard Cuckoo 1st time.

Joan came to stay yesterday. First Cowslip out. Heard cuckoo.

Saturday April 15th 1939

Went to Cowplain. Did not go to shop. "Children's Hour" Songs by H. Scott & Music Makers No. 3 Greig.

Friday April 14th 1939

Did nothing in particular. "Children's Hour" Variety, Young Artists and "World Affairs".

Thursday April 13th 1939

Daddy's second degree. "Children's Hour" Henry, John & Cromwell the Elephant, a play & Romans at MaiDidre, a play.

Wednesday April 12th 1939

Went to see Mrs Povey's. "Children's Hour" Road Up and Welcome to Spring.

Tuesday April 11th 1939

Went to Waterlooville. "Children's Hour" Two Stories, BBC Men's Coures and the Star Gazer.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Monday April 10th 1939

Had lazy day. Buncle had bad patch. "Children's Hour" Play "The Tinder Box", Records & talk on butter.

Sunday April 9th 1939

Had blue, yellow & gold egg filled with choc drops. Decorating again. No "children's Hour".

Saturday April 8th 1939

Decorating all day yesterday and today. Made wreaths for Mil(dred). "CH" Variety & Play "The Fish of Knowledge".

Friday April 7th 1939

Had mysterious Easter egg. We have been doing paiting. No "Children's Hour".

Thursday April 6th 1939

Went to Cowplain. "Children's Hour" Play "Aucassin and Nicolette" & "Songs of Many Lands".

Wednesday April 5th 1939

The burial of Mildred. We broke up. "Children's Hour" Play "Spinnery Span Mary" & "I was a boy in class"

Tuesday April 4th 1939

Break up tomorrow. "Childrens Hour". "Whom shall we interview" No. 3. Talk on music by M Sargent.

Monday April 3rd 1939

Found the kitten in Lovedean Lane. "Children's Hour" Toytown, The Zoo Man. Mac there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunday April 2nd 1939

Bought Peter yesterday. Mildred died. Went to Buncle's. No "Children's Hour".

Mildred only believed to be dead. Not sure.

Saturday April 1st 1939

Cambridge won the race. "Children's Hour" Ronald Gourey "Hills of Britain" No. 3 Dartmoor.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday March 31st 1939

Lost my Leader's bar. "Children's Hour".

Thursday March 30th 1939

Last day exam. Composition 10/10. For all the exams I had 58/70. "CH" Prog. called March Milwine(?) & The Farmer.

Wednesday March 29th 1939

Dic.(tation?) and Draw(ing?) today 10/10 & 9/10. "Children's Hour" Play "The Magic Fishbone" and Variety.

Tuesday March 28th 1939

Examinations this week. Arithmetic & Eng(lish); yesterday 6/10 & 9/10 Geog(raphy) &History 5.5/10 & 8/10. "CH" "Dick & Clan" a play & Hobby Talk.

Monday March 27 1939

Mac back. He said he was glad and "thanks everyone". "Children's Hour" A story, two stories & songs from Fre the crow (?)

Sunday March 26th 1939

Went to Buncle's. Did not play Monopoly. No "CH".

Saturday March 25th 1939

Went to the shop. "Children's Hour" Story "To Ecalpon and Back" and out with Romany.

Friday March 24th 1939

Went to Mrs Povey's. "Children's Hour" Missed it through going out.

Thursday March 23rd 1939

Had bilious attack yesterday. "Children's Hour" Results of com. David playing.

Wednesday March 22nd 1939

Stayed home. Mac back on Monday. "CH" "Long ago in Rouen (?)" a story. Nobby Clark and the Fire Brigade.

Tuesday March 21st 1939

Got up 10.00 did not go to school. "Children's Hour" Play "Timothy's Shoes" and Clan No. 4, Clan Gordon.

Monday 20th March 1939

Went to SCA Dinner. Mummy came with us. "CH" Story, Talk about "Let's Talk About Music", The Zoo Man.

Sunday March 19th 1939

Daddy & all stayed home. Listened to Noises & Voices. No "CH".

Saturday March 18th 1939

Went to shop. Mac quite well. "Children's Hour" The Music Makers No. 2 Handel.

Friday March 17th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" Play about St Patrick's Day, "When I was Young".

Thursday March 16th 1939

Holiday from school. Went out, Primrosing. "Children's Hour" Play, Talk.

Wednesday March 15th 1939

End of "Band Waggon". "Children's Hour" Play, "Hilltops of Britain" Had my leaders bar.

Tuesday March 14th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" Play called "Funnel Cakes". Talk.

Monday March 13th 1939

Stayed home. "Children's Hour: Records, Toytown Talk.

Sunday March 12th 1939

Went to Buncle's, played Monopoly. No "Children's Hour".

Saturday March 11th 1939

Mac broadcast at 10.30 1476.9m. "Children's Hour" The Five O'clock Follies.

Friday March 10th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" Serial, end of it. "Whom shall we Interview".

Tuesday March 9th 1939

Same as yesterday. "Children's Hour" The Seal Woman.

Wednesday March 8th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" singing programme.

Tuesday March 7th 1939

Went to Auntie Jim's and Uncle Eva's (I think Bo got those names reversed) "Children's Hour" singing and music.

Monday March 6th 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" lounge twisters bee, zoo-man.

Sunday March 5th 1939 (plus memorandum)

Went to Buncle's and played Monopoly. No "Children's Hour".
First Primrose out on Sunday.

Saturday 4th March 1939

Mummy's dress came. Went to shop. "Children's Hour" Hilltops of Britain.

Friday March 3rd 1939

Went to school. "Children's Hour" Cometition and David on piano, serial & "When I was Young".

Thursday March 2nd 1939

Went to Mrs. Povey's. "Children's Hour" cut short because of the Pope.

Wednesday March 1st 1939

"CH" Games and play about St David's day.